John Freeman's wife, referred to by him only as that word, is only briefly shown in the third installment of the four part series. She is Henry Freeman's mother and was apparently able to observe enough of the Combine invasion and occupation of Earth to know where they came from. She stated that "The Combines come from Science and Outter(pronounced Ooter) Space" which is either a type of space that we know nothing about or simply a mispronunciation and mispelling of 'Outer.' She was presumably born at around a similar time to John Freeman, though it is unclear when this is and if he aged the twenty years that the Combine occupied Earth before he inexplicably returned.

Personality Edit

Though she is a short lived part of this beloved story, it is clear that she had a strong personality, showing on multiple occasions that she was willing to stand up to the Combine either passively(telling Henry Freeman about them) or actively(when she attempts to defend Henry Freeman when they point their laser weapons at him). She was also clearly of strong will to have presumably raised John Freeman's son by herself in the midst of an apocalyptic and later dystopic setting, not an easy place to raise a child.

Family Edit

The wife/mother's only known blood relative is Henry Freeman.

Story Edit

Though, as stated earlier, "Wife" was short-lived, she also served as a powerful martyr to the people, including Henry and John Freeman, who would almost immediately afterwards form a citizens rebellion against the Combine. When she asked the Combine guards in "Hero Beggining" politely not to aim their lasers at Henry Freeman, she was promptly shot in the head, presumably removing it from the rest of her body based on the reactions of the guards, calling her a "human girl with no head." Despite this, she is able to utter some last words, instructing Henry Freeman to simply run. She dies and this prompts him to disobey her request without question and start a riot in the street that becomes a rebellion within an extremely short period of time.

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