The Final Boss is an antagonist in the fan-fiction series Half Life Full Life Consequences. He is the main antagonist in the first episode of the series, Halflife: Fulllife Consequences.

Appearances and SynopsisEdit

The Final Boss is only seen in Halflife: Fulllife Consequences. He is first seen when John Freeman finds Gordon Freeman fighting the Boss near the end of the episode. The Boss is blinded when John shoots him in the eye, and killed when Gordon punches him in the face.

Details and NotesEdit

Due to the existence of the Next Boss, it appears this Boss is not actually the Final Boss by nature.

This Boss appears to be particularly susceptible to blunt force trauma such as in hand-to-hand combat, as he is merely blinded by a gunshot wound to the head but then killed by a simple punch to the face. This may be due to the already extreme damage to the Boss' head after being shot, or it may be that blunt force trauma is his weakness in the same way rockets are the weakness of the Next Boss.

Because Bosses (especially Final Bosses) are typically fought after defeating a large number of other enemies, and that Gordon is left to defend himself for some time before John comes to his aid, there may have been one or more other bosses that Gordon fought and defeated.

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