Halflife: Fulllife Consequences is the first episode in the fan-fiction series by the same name. It chronicles John Freeman's quest to save his brother Gordon from his aggressors.


The story begins as John Freeman is working at a computer in an office. He receives and email from his brother Gordon Freeman asking for help against the aliens and monsters attacking him. John goes to the roof of the office block, changes out of his office lab coat into civilian clothes and gets on his motorcycle parked on the roof. He jumps off a ramp on the top of the building, does a backflip and lands on the road, making sure to avoid enemies as he is unarmed.

John passes through the countryside, where it appears to be dusk as the Sun sets. While driving along he is stopped by a police car hidden nearby, the officer wanting to give him a ticket. Stopping, John notices the officer is posessed a headcrab zombie, refuses to show the officer his licence and registration and shoots him in the head. John continues towards Gordon.

Passing through into Ravenholm, John notices writing on the sign warning others not to go there. John nearly turns back the way he came, but hears screaming from Gordon so he keeps going on. Driving onwards John jumps again, doing another backflip and dismounting his motorcycle in the air. The motorcycle falls and crushes a group of zombies in front of him. He abandons the motorcycle, continuing on foot. He then finds a discarded weapon, presumably a firearm, on the floor; and uses it to fire at zombie ghosts in front of a house. John tells them to leave but finds the house belongs to the ghosts. Feeling sorry for the ghosts, who can't live there anymore, John destroys the house and kills the ghosts so that their spirits can rest easy.

John arrives at the scene of the conflict, where he sees Gordon calling for help and fighting the Final Boss. He rushes over to help and shoots the Final Boss in the eye, blinding him. Gordon delivers a final blow to the Boss, knocking him over and killing him. The two brothers are laughing when John notices the Next Boss about to step on them. He flees the scene and looks back to see Gordon stepped on and crushed to death by the Next Boss.

Details and NotesEdit

It's not known what weapon John uses to kill the headcrab officer. It is previously said that he is unarmed but is not since mentioned as picking up any sort of firearm to shoot the officer with before the incident happens. Ithe original canon of Half-Life 2, Civil Protection officers are armed as standard with pistols and on occasion sub-machine guns. In some countries today, police officers are issued pistols as standard. If the officer had either of these, it's possible John took the gun from its holster on the officer's uniform, used it to shoot him and promptly discards it, although such a theory poses the question of why John wouldn't keep the firearm, in case he needed it later on.

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