The Motorcycle is a vehicle used by various characters in the fan-fiction series Halflife: Fulllife Consequences belonging to John Freeman. It is seen in Halflife: Fulllife Consequences, Halflife:FullLife Consequences 2:WhatHasTobeDone and Halflife Fulllife Consequences: Free Man. In the first two of these episodes it is used by John Freeman, and in the final episode it is used by Henry Freeman and the other humans to escape from the City.

Appearances and SynopsisEdit

In Halflife: Fulllife Consequences, John Freeman rides this motorcycle form his office towards where Gordon Freeman needs his help, passing through the countrysides and Ravenholm. It is last seen in this episode when John dismounts the motorcycle in mid-air, which falls and crushes some zombies in front of him.

In Halflife:Fulllife Consequences 2:WhatHasToBeDone John travels a short distance on this motorcycle but it runs out of fuel and is discarded. When John next sets off from the office to confront the Next Boss, he does not use this motorcycle, instead using his Other More Faster Motorcycle That Had Gas In It This Time.

In Halflife Fulllife Consequences: Free Man, Henry Freeman and the other humans use this motorcycle to escape from the City to a safe distance, as the Tower in the middle of the City is giving off extreme amounts of energy, and appears to be about to self-destruct. John Freeman makes a last stand against the Combine in order to protect the motorcycle as it escapes.

Details and NotesEdit

This motorcycle appears to have extreme durability and agility, being able to survive the impact of jumping off the top of an office block and doing a backflip in the air. It can also survive being dismounted in mid-air and falling onto the ground, hitting zombies as it does so, and is still able to be driven normally.

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