The Next Boss is an antagonist in the fan-fiction series Half Life Full Life Consequences. He is the main antagonist of the second episode in the series, Halflife:FullLife Consequences 2:WhatHasTobeDone. This Boss has a weakness to rockets.

Appearances and SynopsisEdit

This Boss is seen in Halflife: Fulllife Consequences and Halflife:FullLife Consequences 2:WhatHasTobeDone. His first appearance is in crushing Gordon Freeman under his foot at the end of the former, and he is killed by John Freeman in the latter.

John Freeman gathers information about the Next Boss on the internet, most importantly that his weakness is rockets, and then returns to confront him. He is in much the same place as he was in the first episode, given that he is near to the dead bodies of Gordon Freeman and the Final Boss. The Boss laughs at John, but is killed when he shoots a rocket at him.

Details and NotesEdit

The presence of this Boss devalues the name of the Final Boss, as he is evidently not the Final Boss by nature.

Evidence suggests that this Boss is very large in size, as his foot is large enough to step on a human being and crush him. He is also found to be laughing at John Freeman, perhaps because he is amused by the notion of being confronted by a creature so much smaller than him.

The fact that the weakness of this Boss is available on the Internet indicates that either other people have concluded by scientific experiment that his weakness is rockets, or the Boss has his own website where in a move of poor judgement he has made his weakness publicly known.

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